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As I write
No one’s right

Cough, your a little off
No need to read

You precede to mislead
I’m too through

Me on my knee
To grow

I know

I must go



Secrete Depression

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Suffering from heavy anxiety or a secrete depression?It’s better if we talk about it.

All this doubt

Looking for a way out

Clear like a devils grin

I feel my mind caving in

Every word I say

to you everyday

The person I pretend to be

changes with my company


Cant turn back

Think this place is ideal
Where nothing is real

I’m so shocked to

hear them say

that I always seem okay -Jet

lost with sand

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Taken by light

A moment of silence

Stranger than a dream

Can’t find my lips

Just tell me I’m sleeping

Footsteps of my life blend with sand

A ghost with no direction

I run a line of memories through my hand

I sink into isolation

Whispers dance upon the wasteland

In waves of my emotion

Trust is home

A true state of meditation

With no plan

No new distraction

I abandoned time

Looking for heaven

Statue of my liberty

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screenshot 2.png

Without breaking
I bare the chain
My soul Suffocating,
trapped and itching 
to exist without pain
Dressed and shoulders pressed
Lies mold out what carried my eyes
Show face but if only a smile is in its place
Cemented then and in the end
If not now then Say when 
To retreat is not defeat
     Monument to imprisonment
          Punishment to life in increments
   Not here to disappear
 Learn to return
          Back to my liberty

All I seek is rest

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All I seek is rest

Dreaming or going missing

I can no longer stand on my feet

Quilted silence, trap memories, in these wrinkled sheets

I spread my hands reaching for my bed’s horizon

From side to side, on my own island

Stress far from that tranquil high in the sky

Big pillows, sink disheveled with my head, I sigh

Aware of my dread for the days ahead

Can I get my life together instead

Where my heart feels old

Discoveries unfold

For now, I lead away the day untold




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The weaver of pain
Drops on my window as time pass
Scars do me justice like tattooed to my soul’s hour-glass
You tell me the breath I hold
Is not mine
Either I’ve died, or arrived,
Ill be just fine
What do I do?
Ill hold my own and make it through
Ill put these photos down

DSC_0002Hello Bloggers,
Thank you for all the support. The June Steinhart Gallery and the Local Artist located in Oakland appreciate your assistance in getting the word out there of the importance of advocating for Local Art.
I’ve been checking on the status of the Port of Oakland’s open bids.
I worry that an agency will win the bidding based on other incentives and not necessarily designed to provide an opportunity for the public to experience high quality art of enduring value that reflects the diversity of the region.
The selection will be made with the approval of the Board of Port Commissioners. I would like to encourage further support for our potential candidates for the exhibits here at the gallery. Please encourage our city officials as well of this importance by emailing or contacting them.
Please let the Board of Port Commissioners know how important it is to support our community by contacting them directly in the link provided below. Your voice will make all the difference.

Board of Commissioners

Earl S. Hamlin
Alan S. Yee
Vice President
Michael Colbruno
Second Vice President
Cestra “Ces” Butner
Andreas Cluver
Arabella Martinez
Joan H. Story