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If I could I would go to a retirement home to look for someone of any similarity to Albert Einstein but I don’t want to be held responsible of any sudden death in the middle of a photo shoot, eh : /
I’m all for experiencing shooting different and interesting models as it always results in a good story but I needed to have my own representation of Einstein. It wasn’t planned at first that I would be modeling my own shoot but it feels right when I look at the photograph. Being the brain child, I realized that I modeled myself perfectly as an Albert Einstein if he went to art school instead and was a lot younger. Let’s see if I continue to be innovative, experimental, and imaginative to pursue becoming a creative genius.

The shoot is on a bunk bed next to the window. We used white hairspray from a party supply store. I wore a long sleeve button up despite it being really hot and stuffy in the room. So a neck tie only would make me pass out since it was difficult already. I had to direct myself in my head to hit my vision and listen to my photographer on how my posture or angle was.
In Photoshop, I approached the edit in a way an artist would throw paint not knowing the exact outcome but “knowingly” how it would land.



I wanted to strike a cord with people who have a thing for school girls 😉

I wanted it to be sexy but also be geeky and be cute as well. I wanted someone who fit the criteria. Thinking to myself for a second, I knew who exactly who would be the perfect model. She was cute and sexy but not too sleazy and it would work out perfectly! I had my friend sleep over and first thing that morning before she leaves we would do the photo-shoot. The stack of books really reminded me of school and studying. It also reminded me of procrastinating. No matter what the due date was or how urgent the work needed to be done, I always somehow found a way to fit in doing nothing. procrastination is a disease!




I did alot of walking in my life. It was the best way I could gather my thoughts that would run through my mind. As i would go look for props, I make sure I would walk around not just in between shelves in a store but walk the streets to draw inspiration. Have you ever pushed the car seat all the way back and looked straight up out the car window as you lay down? As you pass through the city’s architecture, patterns, lights, signs and colors? If you have you might notice the huge influence of propaganda. This is my way of saying SickLabz is finally here and we want everyone to know.

This edit was a process because I had different versions and it had alot of layers I needed to remove since it was by a park and the street. There were joggers and people in cars bending their necks to see what was going on. We definitely had fans! I finally went with black and white as it not just compliments my model but my shirt that we had actually made ourselves. We used some vinyl, vinyl cutter and a vector program using just the right style of font. The quote was inspired by gay pride weekend.


Things work the way it does  for a reason and that reason is us (the buyers).
We love to buy things cheap  in general to save money, well most of us! But we don’t automatically think when we buy it as to why it is cheap. To keep profits high and retail prices low, there are multiple hidden reasons that some companies and retailers don’t advertise along with the price. Just one of the ways is to the disadvantage of workers as cheap labor that ultimately was outsourced to another country. For the reason that the laws are less strict or protective and therefore are more easily exploited because they will take less than have nothing. Labor in developed countries is expensive for a reason and to give the same privileges to outsourced labor isn’t priority to profit hungry companies. But then we take the blame because we are the reason why it is this way. The idea is to be an advocate for fair trade or prevent exploitation of another’s countries environment and workers. Either we shop at Walmart or Walgreens, being informed about what products come from where and how, prevents economic gain to be one sided. Not just with countries but in social classes as well that there is an economic imbalance.

Here’s to the 99%!


The sketch was done by a friend. I cropped it out off the sketch book and just photoshopped all its possibilities and this is what I ended with. The image reminds me of a steal factory and workers using heat resistance face shields. Also adding our spin on things and staying with a theme. This will be an reaccuring theme in our future work. I will try my best to reinvent each design and most likely have the masses decide what is to be the next prototype. Enjoy!


Being necessarily cheap as I can be when I need to, I was looking around the house as usual to see what unused material I can salvage to use for my next project. I saw a lot of cassette tapes! I noticed a lot of it was labeled so being considerate as I am, I thought to not probably ruin important recordings and go out and buy my own supply to just mess with. So as I was in the store (Walmart) I wasn’t sure yet what to do with this supply. And when it came to me “Who uses cassette tapes these days anyways?” As I walked pass by some electronics, I asked a worker “Where the hell are the cassette tapes?”, and he pointed down the hall. I only knew one thing and that the only feasible part in the tapes were the film inside of them. As I thought what to spell out, I also found a smart way to hold the film down as I spelled each word out. Pretty cool for a project I had no idea what do with and constantly thought about. The end result was pretty “sick” .

Advertise your taste in music!!!



Being gay and finally owning up to it took a long time. I knew how it can get really dark, alone, and you can’t do anything but suffer in silence. While you want acceptance, a feeling of place, and some understanding of why society hates you. All this in a ball that accompanied the feeling of just ending it all. You can sometimes feel like a puppet, a “voodoo doll” like if someone else was to blame for all the pain caused to you. So you end up blaming yourself thinking there was something wrong with you. Thinking “I was created into this world to take on all the pain and suffering.” The people who made or caused pain to you are the same people  who are unhappy with themselves. They are the same people who are missing something in their lives but eventually grow tired once they know they are the ones lacking. All you can do is hang in there everyday until the needles stops hurting. eventually it always gets better once we all accept ourselves. Because let’s be real everyone, it stops hurting once we all know the voodoo effect doesn’t really work but just make us stronger.

Making a voodoo I knew would be easy as long as you got the proportions right. Then all you have to do is dress it up. something I knew not to overlook was to make sure it would hold together and not fall apart. I used really strong number 2 pencils I broke into 2 to hold up the frame. I borrowed some of the items from my dads watch repair shop. I kept the buttons on with needles. I strapped the batteries around the waist with a stretchy strap. I didn’t worry so much on how it would look at first. I can easily keep all the thread, needles, and pins covered with final pieces of fabric.

I barely did any dramatic changes on editing the image on Photoshop because the photo alone would already make the cut.

To any of my readers who are considering or have thought about suicide. Please call The Trevor Hotline, which is a 24-hour toll-free suicide prevention line aimed at gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning youths: