Being necessarily cheap as I can be when I need to, I was looking around the house as usual to see what unused material I can salvage to use for my next project. I saw a lot of cassette tapes! I noticed a lot of it was labeled so being considerate as I am, I thought to not probably ruin important recordings and go out and buy my own supply to just mess with. So as I was in the store (Walmart) I wasn’t sure yet what to do with this supply. And when it came to me “Who uses cassette tapes these days anyways?” As I walked pass by some electronics, I asked a worker “Where the hell are the cassette tapes?”, and he pointed down the hall. I only knew one thing and that the only feasible part in the tapes were the film inside of them. As I thought what to spell out, I also found a smart way to hold the film down as I spelled each word out. Pretty cool for a project I had no idea what do with and constantly thought about. The end result was pretty “sick” .

Advertise your taste in music!!!


  1. I’d just like to let you know hvow much I learnt from reading blogs Liked u.Hope to be back fast for some more good stuff

    • sicklabz says:

      My future blog posts are evolving to more of becoming a brand that advocates for all that you read on this site. I will once in a while post some articles that will have relevance to that journey.
      Thank you for the support.


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