If I could I would go to a retirement home to look for someone of any similarity to Albert Einstein but I don’t want to be held responsible of any sudden death in the middle of a photo shoot, eh : /
I’m all for experiencing shooting different and interesting models as it always results in a good story but I needed to have my own representation of Einstein. It wasn’t planned at first that I would be modeling my own shoot but it feels right when I look at the photograph. Being the brain child, I realized that I modeled myself perfectly as an Albert Einstein if he went to art school instead and was a lot younger. Let’s see if I continue to be innovative, experimental, and imaginative to pursue becoming a creative genius.

The shoot is on a bunk bed next to the window. We used white hairspray from a party supply store. I wore a long sleeve button up despite it being really hot and stuffy in the room. So a neck tie only would make me pass out since it was difficult already. I had to direct myself in my head to hit my vision and listen to my photographer on how my posture or angle was.
In Photoshop, I approached the edit in a way an artist would throw paint not knowing the exact outcome but “knowingly” how it would land.


  1. Dawn says:


  2. sicklabz says:

    no…your awesome! i miss u : [
    i miss your sarcasm the most!!!!

  3. Loving the information on this internet site , you have done great job on the articles .

    • sicklabz says:

      In a way each article is a small part of who I am. I really apply myself in each post. either it be the photo shoot, the photo editing or writing. To not put some thought in each post is not me. I really do try my best and just hope there is that one person who understands or enjoys my thoughts.

      I’m happy to hear yours.


  4. Jacki Ballew says:

    Keep functioning ,remarkable job!

    • sicklabz says:

      Thank you Jacki. I look young but I’m mature at heart. I hope this post doesn’t encourage ageism..I hope I will be taken seriously as any passionate human being would be.
      I’m happy you approve of the work.


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