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Tired of staring at the chalk board?Lets get out the class room and go for a field trip. I don’t know about you but I’m more of a hands on learner. Lets get out there and experience the world first hand.

This photo shoot was a joy! I had fun with the idea of doing this shoot as it was more about the story than the process. I had bought the colored chalk and lollipop from Walgreen’s. I always wanted to do a cute and colorful shoot and a cute kid is universal. It of course will always have its complications when working with toddlers or babies. They are more into their own world so taking directions was out the window but catching a moment was most important. If I could even have a moment to catch it! As I frantically chased or followed him to try to get him to stand still, I had just enough time to get a few shots in per attempt. He had his first experience with paparazzi! A net to catch him would have been needed.The scene of me and this child running around everywhere was a sure head turner. I’m sure we caused for some confusion. I looked ridiculous!!!It was all in good game as long as he had fun and I had that conveyed through the photograph. It’s kind of hard not to smile when you have a giant lollipop in your hand.




This was a side project I did for a client. I wanted to help and I liked the business idea so I put together a business card to match. I had to touch up on key points so I made sure to ask the right questions. Being in the same entrepreneur spirit, I fixed my questions as if they were questions that I would ask myself. To make the best quality business card I had to fully understand what it is they are selling and what sets them apart.

Kalamay, also spelled Calamay, is a sticky sweet delicacy that is popular in many regions of the Philippines. It is made of coconut milk, brown sugar, and ground rice. The Filipino treat is usually wrapped and tied in banana leaf. That same wrap was what I used in the shoot. The leaf was very sticky and needed a spray down. The water incorporated a heavy and wet feel to the photograph. I was glad because it only added to the natural look of the image itself. I wanted to add some dimensions to the photo so I ripped strips from the leaf which was surprisingly easy. The weaving design was inspired by the construction blue print of which the Petronas Towers in Malaysia was designed on. The pattern also reminded me of Weaving done in authentic villages.

All in all it came out to become what I was going for and also perfectly represent my clients. Everyone is happy.


The construction location is usually vacant the whole day as most of the work is mostly done at night. There is many joggers and pedestrians passing by. The theme reminds me of bob the builder except that it’s Izzy. 🙂

It felt like a ride in a theme park. Or if you added coins to it, it would start moving. I can imagine it now, a giant moving coin machine bulldozer. yup, “all in a day!”


Shoe tree,

I’ve for weeks looked constantly out of the car window and as the bus passes through some random areas of neighborhoods. I looked “emo” in the process. I relentlessly looked to find the perfect tree size so when I do hang the shoes I wouldn’t need to climb like a monkey in order to tie them on branches. The branches would have to be strong enough to hold the shoes or me and the branches shouldn’t hide the shoes with its excess leaves. I had no problem with supplying shoes as I just took randomly from the collection me and my brothers had lying around in the house. Worst case scenario I would need a permit to do a photo shoot at some park, a tall ladder to climb it, and a leaf blower or a chain saw to remove excess leaves. Yes, I was willing to do whatever. I even asked friends if they had trees growing specifically in the “backyard” ….not in their attic or basement or next to their computer table. I just had to clarify (LOL). This shoot was a success in the way that I didn’t have any of the issues I was concerned about and it perfectly portrayed my own representation to the classic urban shoe hanging on a power line. I would’ve thrown over some Jordan’s but it looks amazing regardless.

To all the shoe-heads out there who hope to have shoes under their Christmas tree this year. This is for you!

We all know that Santa Clause has a huge carbon footprint. let’s go out and get a real Christmas tree this year and try our best to be environmentally conscious during the time it is hardest to do so.


I love sushi and any type of ocean food. And I won’t let anything stop me from eating what I love until it’s no longer available. This is and will be the problem for the future sea food lovers. With a lot going on with the oceans like giant floating islands of trash, little things can change or ultimately affect the oceans complex food chain and then your dinner plate. To assure no one species is singled out for consumption or depleted, people have to be more aware which species are in danger due to a variety of reasons like the seasons. Being aware sometimes to pick the alternative or sometimes not to can make a difference whether or not we have our favorite sea food dish in supply for next seasons catch. Even though quotas on websites are set to regulate and easy iPhone and android phone apps now tell you up-to-date information, it rests on the community to ultimately be responsible. This squid represents the Consumers and our choices. “Don’t ink the oceans. keep it sustainable.”Promote healthy oceans and protect fish reserves from overfishing!

This piece was actually really fun to make while I watched the Disney shows on Netflix. I wish I took a picture of how the living room looked like at the time I was working on this project. The area was all occupied and laid out with tools and materials. A little dangerous since I had a lot of pins and needles but I made sure to put them right on top of my white board so it would be plain easy to spot. Working with fabric was still new to me but it was so easy to work with. The hardest part of the project was making the arms as they needed to be of all the right length and stay together with the main body of the squid. I used electrical tape to slowly bend and shape the curve of each arm. I used a folding technique to replicate the shape of the main body of the squid so it would look more realistic. Once everything came together or stayed together, it was done and ready for the photo set. The photo set this time again was in the bathtub.

Here’s a link to help us out.


When you have a dream you are so passionate about it keeps you up during the night. You then day-dream about the endless potential. You then find yourself staring at something for a noticeable amount of time just imagining. Ceilings and windows become your friends. Then eventually you have no control over your thoughts as it consumes your everyday. A quick escape to somewhere distant from time to time. Thoughts and images collaborate to make something beautiful only your mind can make sense of. In a crowded bus full of people, your thoughts come through clear to you despite the chatter. In a conversation a sudden echo from the distance. your mind feels light to the touch and your body feels free. Everything is quiet except your thoughts and it couldn’t be any louder. As time ticks, it ticks louder and louder. Keeping you up, keeping you anxious, driving you crazy.”If there is a time, it is right now!”
“Stop day dreaming and make it a reality.”

In not doing so side effects may include insomnia.