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This was my first photo shoot and I had went through it in my brain way too many times so when I had finally found my first victim I was just like fuck it. I was so scared, excited, and nervous at the same time. I honestly didn’t know the outcome or if it would come out decent but in my mind it was perfect. I called my model and was hesitant even when convincing her what it was for, the concept, and how it will be set up. But I went with it, grabbed my balls, and said let’s do this shit.

When we got to the theater, thinking with or without people in the theater, I definitely didn’t want a packed show with a bunch of pissed off people. So we planned to go early and do the shoot during commercials. I had bought the ticket for two and we were ready to do it. Rushing in like we weren’t supposed to be there or feeling like we were going tag the place with graffiti. I felt so good doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing. My plan was apologize now and ask later. I had her practice looking of nothing as if just another movie screening then throw a little mug or thizz face when it felt right. The whole time we had to be quite and do it fast cause by the 5th shot I saw in the corner of my eye a person and it was not a civilian. In my head I had instant instincts to play it “dumb”. In my head “YES WE GOT THE SHOT!”,

I apologized sympathetically saying sorry we just wanted to take quick photos. Didn’t get kicked out because we had actually movie tickets on hand but just an hour early from the actual showing. The happy ending is we got our money back and the shot that worked, when all others failed, was a workable shot. I couldn’t even see my model yet see my own hands.”Life’s a movie and I was living it!”


  1. sicklabz says:

    This is one Photo Shoot i will always remembered because it had taught me to just go with it no matter the gamble!

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