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“use it”

>My mom had showed me some weird shaped lemons from someones backyard that she stole. Way to go momma! She told me it looked weird and knowing me she knew that I would be all over it. I took it, held it on top my fingertips and slowly rotating it around as if i was taken by its resemblance to the folds on a brain. I looked to see that there was actually a whole bag. Looking for the best shape and best mental image of a brain, I had picked the perfect one.

I was babysitting at the time but it didn’t stop me from grabbing a pen to see if the quick sketches would actually help me visualize if it would be possible or not. since the lemon had a waxy coat i Erase the pen marks easily with a napkin when making a mistake. Once I started I became hesitant of how the folds on a brain actually formed. So l just went with it always keeping a mental image in my head the whole way through. Once I was satisfied with half of the lemon I knew to incorporate a divide between left and right hemisphere of the brain. And so i took the back pen and indented a little harder on the divide between the two sides. Once I established the divide I continued the other side but made sure to flip it so my right hand was always with the pen drawing. When it was done I made sure not to look at a lemon the same ever again.

If you have links to good after school programs please share.


  1. Shaun Lisee says:

    Its superb as your other articles : D, appreciate it for putting up. “To be at peace with ourselves we need to know ourselves.” by Caitlin Matthews.

    • sicklabz says:

      I love the quote!! I’m never @ peace. I’m always searching for more from myself.
      These articles are there just to remind me of what I already know.

      I just hope that they have the same affect on other people. To see an image or read an article and have a direct effect to you.

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