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He is and will always be the cutest person you will ever meet. Besides there’s a movie dedicated to him. This was really my main inspiration for the shoot. The location was perfect as I walked through a park the day before to check the location out to see the best angles. The sky was bright blue and needed the shoot to be jolly. I went through the types of clothing with each shot and expected a very bright and smoothly planned day ahead of us. Got the balloons from a party warehouse and was ready with every outfit in a bag heading for the beach. OK you can’t tell from the photos but it was like battle field conditions, with sand blowing in my models eyes, the sun glaring my lenses, and the balloons ended up tangling with each other. So spending 30 minutes trying to recover and untangle the strings, we went and headed back to the sand. We also had to carry luggage from the outfits but we got to each location with determination. Thanks for being an assistant/model. We got each shot perfectly planned and made changes as we went. To say this shoot looked like a day at the beach like it was done without complication, can only say that you like the photos because that’s what I was going for. This day behind the scenes was not an easy one but it was worth it just being in the moment. A perfect day in an artist’s mind.


  1. Izzy So says:

    Thanks Jet Espinosa! I love your description, and I appreciate your kind words; you truly are a heart filled GENIUS with an undeniable ability and recognition of who you are as an artist. Your keen sense of artistry is truly uncanny. I sure had a BLAST as your model, and as your Friend (twin). I look forward to more adventures like these!

    Much love and respect,

    Izzy So

    • sicklabz says:

      I’m so stoked that you not just enjoyed the photo shoot but see the theme. Which is the main purpose of the blog. To go more in depth in what the brand will become.Thanks so much again Izzy!!!

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