Shoe tree,

I’ve for weeks looked constantly out of the car window and as the bus passes through some random areas of neighborhoods. I looked “emo” in the process. I relentlessly looked to find the perfect tree size so when I do hang the shoes I wouldn’t need to climb like a monkey in order to tie them on branches. The branches would have to be strong enough to hold the shoes or me and the branches shouldn’t hide the shoes with its excess leaves. I had no problem with supplying shoes as I just took randomly from the collection me and my brothers had lying around in the house. Worst case scenario I would need a permit to do a photo shoot at some park, a tall ladder to climb it, and a leaf blower or a chain saw to remove excess leaves. Yes, I was willing to do whatever. I even asked friends if they had trees growing specifically in the “backyard” ….not in their attic or basement or next to their computer table. I just had to clarify (LOL). This shoot was a success in the way that I didn’t have any of the issues I was concerned about and it perfectly portrayed my own representation to the classic urban shoe hanging on a power line. I would’ve thrown over some Jordan’s but it looks amazing regardless.

To all the shoe-heads out there who hope to have shoes under their Christmas tree this year. This is for you!

We all know that Santa Clause has a huge carbon footprint. let’s go out and get a real Christmas tree this year and try our best to be environmentally conscious during the time it is hardest to do so.


  1. Secret admire says:

    Love your eye for art, great work, very smart boy and cute 😉

  2. sicklabz says:

    Hmmm I wonder who my secrete admirer is? 🙂

    I’m glad you see my eye for art.



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