Tired of staring at the chalk board?Lets get out the class room and go for a field trip. I don’t know about you but I’m more of a hands on learner. Lets get out there and experience the world first hand.

This photo shoot was a joy! I had fun with the idea of doing this shoot as it was more about the story than the process. I had bought the colored chalk and lollipop from Walgreen’s. I always wanted to do a cute and colorful shoot and a cute kid is universal. It of course will always have its complications when working with toddlers or babies. They are more into their own world so taking directions was out the window but catching a moment was most important. If I could even have a moment to catch it! As I frantically chased or followed him to try to get him to stand still, I had just enough time to get a few shots in per attempt. He had his first experience with paparazzi! A net to catch him would have been needed.The scene of me and this child running around everywhere was a sure head turner. I’m sure we caused for some confusion. I looked ridiculous!!!It was all in good game as long as he had fun and I had that conveyed through the photograph. It’s kind of hard not to smile when you have a giant lollipop in your hand.



  1. Loving the info on this site, you have done great job on the posts.

    • sicklabz says:

      I work with what inspires me. Its that passion that keeps me standing. The information is just me putting it in words. I’m so happy you love this post. This article reminds me what I’m working towards. Keeps me not just standing but walking forward.

      thanks again!


  2. Perfect site! Where did you get that awesome layout?

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