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Thinking green can sometimes be an after thought or in the back of our minds when most of us are just concerned with just making sure to quickly leave the house at a certain time and  then relaxing when we get home. Out of our convenience, we don’t want to be bothered by the way we can change everyday things because to some of us it’s perfect the way it is. “I’m not going out of my way to do something that doesn’t make a difference”. But of course it ultimately does affect us all. Many things on the list are considered a habit and it usually takes a month or three to finally sway away from wasteful habits. Even small changes can make a difference. This project is to get more people to inform themselves. By simply tracing back their day to find small alterations. A big change now as part of redeeming ourselves is purchasing items that have “green association” as much as possible. Even though sometimes clean energy isn’t really clean energy.

As we lean towards a better direction, people will follow and it usually takes like minded people who simply talk to start a wave of support.
This project is my way of having “green”  being more a part of our conversation. You will see me definitely wear this on BART.

This idea of a gas mask ever evolving was a concept I learned from the best in the market today. My goal is to further create an idea that is easily recognizable and collectable. I hope everyone will be as excited as i am to see how each gas mask update evolves throughout the years.

My Clothing Brand is currently under works. The online store will follow.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am when everything finally comes together!!!!!

My graphic tees will be coming soon.





From the time you open your eyes You should laugh.

It is a blessing to feel every sensation from moment you awake. Shivers when you pull away your blanket. The sound of the cold wind outside your window. The smell of food and an instant image of where its coming from. Laying still thinking this is so unreal. You are you, looking through your eyes and what you see is beautiful.

The rising sun shouldn’t just mean a routine. The warmth of the sun should always be there to remind us this is no prank. “what are the circumstance that I am who I am, where I am, why I am, and the world how I see it seen through these eyes?” Beauty in my own existence.

Chance is everything we love should not exist in the first place. Chance might not have granted me to exist either.
If I was not here then where would I be?

So “why am i laying here, the way I am, where I am and the world as I see it through these eyes specifically?”

The answers to my very being is a tease.

Laugh because this is like a huge joke that can only be told once. Cannot be retold as it is not as witty the second time around. Put together with timing and precision, the punch line has a twist. We shouldn’t even exist.

We are the universes practical joke.

Natures amusing accident.

Still don’t get what’s humorous?

Look up at the stars. Now close your eyes.

Ask God to whisper you the inside joke.

“Imagine everything that is. Is not to be.”

Isn’t that funny?

With eyes open, this existence is still a mystery.

We are just wandering clowns.

The image was a memory that stuck to me when I visited Berkeley. I don’t recall where I seen the sketch. I always wondered if I will ever find out where this image originated from so I can credit the artist. I hope this post might help me find out.



These glossy colored plastic blocks can make an imaginary city so complex. A sky scraper in the center that reaches as high as your imagination can reach. The tower needing maintenance as you stacked ever higher. Tension between the base and top became less negotiable every stage higher. Being on edge you become diligent. You did what you can to neutralize with some modification. Tolerance with you and the structure become one of the same as you start to tippy toe. A little retrofit here and there before it became volatile. Always pushing its threshold, always tempering, and constantly testing limitations.

You decide to let loose of all the pressures. This time around no protocol. Instead a sudden demolition. An even better method. Usually a collapse that was very calculated. Followed by a loud crash of parts that was assisted by your own made up artificial sounds. Then an extra smack or so to finish off what was still standing. All that build up ending with what became a huge clean up site.

You hear mom in the background from down the stairs. “Time to eat. Clean up please!”.
You knew it meant a little maintenance.

This is not just that typical toy from a box. Definitely not an ordinary toy in a child’s fingertips. No rules, just that they had to stack or connect together. So painful to step on now but was a love affair with discovery then.

I’ve always thought Lego blocks were awesome to play with. I like the idea of stacking them as high as possible before it all collapsed. I created forts, bridges, and any object conceivable. This project brought me back to my childhood and gave me a reason to enjoy playtime once again. Once I was finished with my project it went to someone who would enjoy it even more.


We all fear it, we hope for it to be quick, it be peaceful and of time. Fear of dying goes deeper than death itself. We fear of being forgotten as our children move on. We fear of not achieving our goals before it becomes unreachable. We find ourselves chasing a life ever faster to obtain a lifetime in a matter of years. Fear is what moves us to work harder and archive more but also makes us second guess our choices.  The journey and how you deal with life right now reflects you. Your journey is your very own. Our time to make connections, love more and freely. To hold and value our family and close friends. Take chances and open up to people. The only thing you should fear is not being remembered.

Let us hope enough people will care to show up to our funeral, cry when they think of us or let alone care as much to mention our name. Don’t find yourself sitting alone when life is taken from you, compiling hurtful memories of each room in your empty house, waiting for someone to finally call your name. Your last thought should not be any regrets if you lived life to the fullest.

When you die and it will happen, It should be the happiest moment of your life. When you look into someones dying eyes, it should be left with no unwritten pages. Only A sense of fulfillment. No fear, no regret, and not alone.

Just surrounded by happiness.

I strongly believe that the people who truly look at death this way are the same people who collectively change the world everyday.