Thinking green can sometimes be an after thought or in the back of our minds when most of us are just concerned with just making sure to quickly leave the house at a certain time and  then relaxing when we get home. Out of our convenience, we don’t want to be bothered by the way we can change everyday things because to some of us it’s perfect the way it is. “I’m not going out of my way to do something that doesn’t make a difference”. But of course it ultimately does affect us all. Many things on the list are considered a habit and it usually takes a month or three to finally sway away from wasteful habits. Even small changes can make a difference. This project is to get more people to inform themselves. By simply tracing back their day to find small alterations. A big change now as part of redeeming ourselves is purchasing items that have “green association” as much as possible. Even though sometimes clean energy isn’t really clean energy.

As we lean towards a better direction, people will follow and it usually takes like minded people who simply talk to start a wave of support.
This project is my way of having “green”  being more a part of our conversation. You will see me definitely wear this on BART.

This idea of a gas mask ever evolving was a concept I learned from the best in the market today. My goal is to further create an idea that is easily recognizable and collectable. I hope everyone will be as excited as i am to see how each gas mask update evolves throughout the years.

My Clothing Brand is currently under works. The online store will follow.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am when everything finally comes together!!!!!

My graphic tees will be coming soon.




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    • sicklabz says:

      Every post is very me. I’m just happy to achieve that.
      Your comments are very appreciated. Thank you so much. I work so hard and stay up thinking. It is nice to hear my hard work is noticed.

      thank you again.


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  5. Perfect blog! How did you get this design?

  6. sicklabz says:

    I’m so sorry. Someone had left a comment and I accidentally deleted it. In reply to your question on how I got the design…It was done first off with a sketch. I then scanned the sketch and uploaded it on Photoshop . Many layers and changes after, I got the first gas mask design for the gas mask collection.


  7. Izzykonto says:

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    • sicklabz says:

      You will get started and get the hang of it. I still look at myself as a very new and still armature blogger. Never left me that I still am learning and exploring. Ideas don’t come to me easy. I take notes of ideas before I sleep. Then my dreams put them together. When I awake everything is much clearer.(write down every idea that sounds good)

      “you never know how ideas might come together.”


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      Yay I have a fan! 🙂
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      First it has to have an actual persons name and not a product. What is mentioned is of relevance to the post or to you. Filter them like how you do a multiple choice test. And even then spam still might slip through. The biggest clue is when you read spam does it sounds very in general or easily sent to anyone?To defeat spam you have to think like them lol


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      I’m not sure what facts your referring to. I’m a blogger. So please don’t take my blog as perfect. I’m sure most of my articles are inspired by facts but written around personal opinion and thoughts. I just wanted to say that because there are so much on the internet and one source of information isn’t always perfect ..just like my blog. I’m glad you enjoy reading the article but investigate instead of just believing everything one person says. Even me!! I hope you continue reading my blog posts in the future. thanks again for your nice comments about my blog.


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      A clear mind includes first making small changes until there are no more clutter. An organized life makes it that much easier to schedule time to concentrate on things that require focus and imagination.

      Make it happen!!!!!


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