My love is dying along with the happiness you once gave.
My heart beat irregular ever since you left.
You sentenced me to a slow death.
I keep alive enough to get by.
Contemplating events.
Revisiting old memories.
Evaluating my emotions.

Sorting through questions, I realize the end approaching.
There is only one reason someone leaves you.
They no longer want you.

My body temperature lowers by a degree.
Hope and all I could’ve done engulfs my thoughts.
Breathing is now more labored.
I tell myself no more!

Unresponsive to everyone and my surroundings.
My body feens for you.
I withdraw from it all.
I search for a pulse.

Just tell me you never loved me!
Cut my suffering short.

With Heart break and all its pain,
eventually the heart will cease beating altogether.

Only then i can finally call you my Dead Valentine…


  1. Elana Hanis says:

    Hey, thanks for the great article. Honestly, about seven months ago I started taking reading blogs and there is just so much nonsense out there. I appreciate that you put excellent content out that is clear and well-written. Good luck and thank you for the great tips!!

    • sicklabz says:

      There is an equal amount of amazing stuff and even after the kony events that recently unfolded I’m still optimistic. Don’t read and just read one article on a subject. That’s just one opinion. I’m just one blog. One person. One post at a time.

      I like to investigate instead of just believing everything and everyone. No matter how convincing the article is.


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