Live. Strive. Japan.

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
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One of my beloved countries. I envy them for their scientific and technological advances. Setting themselves apart as a country that takes the best of the world, sometimes the extreme, with a sense of collective progress. A culture that always had a strong identity from the start. My vision of this island nation as being unreal or an oasis for geeks and fan boys all alike. Then becoming all too real when a natural disaster hits the country and a domino of others. This is where a lot of brilliant work comes from. To make sure that it keeps going strong and flowing, we owe them that much to at least pay our respects. This is my small way to make sure that the country continues to live, strive, and continue on doing its thing.



  1. Stop and consider a moment. Why should the majority of people in the US have to stop and consider YOUR feelings when you wont stop and consider theirs? What makes you so much more special? If you dont want to listen to comments from people who dont consider you special, why dont you go somewhere they might? Your very demands are insisting that you are special, we arent, and that we MUST listen to and obey you. And I dont consider anyone better than me and I do consider some worse than I am when they prove it.

    • sicklabz says:

      I consider my readers feelings and what they think. I take into consideration of any of their thoughts. That’s why I try my best to connect with them by an effort to reply to every comment. I don’t think I’m any more special then anyone else. I’m sure there is a lot of opinionated, talented, and interesting people. Others who have something to say, something to prove and advocate for. I came into this blog sphere thinking I’m only one person. Choose to listen or not. My intentions was never to dictate how should people think. I’m really thankful you have brought this to my attention. My effort in created a blog that was ultimitly to remind me of my morals are comming off “this is my ideas and I know best.” Which I opologize for since this was never my intentions.

      I will take this to account when I continue on advocating for things I believe in. I will take any suggestions if you have any. Thanks again.


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