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Posted: March 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi my name is jet. I’m very excited to finally introduce my work that I’ve worked on for a while now. This is work through alot of time and thought. I wanted to introduce mini projects that would grab our attention socially. The idea roots into the fact we are visual. I then show a peak into creative process and let everyone have their own take on it. I tied the two together with a centralized theme that continues to evolve. This ultimately becomes the platform for the brand. In order to inspire people I needed to convey graphic art into an emotion or cause. I feel that doing so not only better connect my message through but show art in its true form. Not just the end result but the start. Always an inspiration or story behind each project. Never cookie cutter. With all the intentions of branding my graphic ideas. I will finally be able to voice alot of what is important to me. ultimately my goal is to finally have attire people can relate to and not the other way around.

To have people talk not just about the brand but what it stands for, not just to me but to people who it matters to around the world.