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Concept of being sick Is a condition that not only effects the body but the mind.

It comes and it goes but it stays with some of us. Being sick is like having an outer body experience. The same that an artist goes through.

To be a true artist can at times feel abnormal, Shattered and defeated in a retreat but comes back defiant and a survivor.

Always believing for a greater purpose.To become something then evolves to something even better.

Beauty in the challenge. In choosing not to allow life to die in you.

Agonizing, but choose not to block out voices. instead interacts with them.

True art is in the process and when you can make people see the true value of every fuction and dysfuction.

When you notice there’s nothing wrong with people but the intolerance of society.

Never look to a treatment. Instead looks for acceptance. From it your own creation.

In better piece then before.
I see beauty through these eyes. Ways you can yet imagin.

I lay in bed with this great passion. I want to be wanted. I want to be excepted.

Your ignorance is bliss.
You can only see my condition.  My imperfection. My hallucinations.
My diagnosis.

Willfully blind,
If only you can see my thoughts as I hear them.

My passion as I feel them.
Beauty as I see them.

Borrow my eyes,
You too would respect my sickness as I create them.