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In a tub of calm cold water, I moved my hands through what I thought was material that consist of reality.

My fingers play the ripples in search of a purpose.

Taking these moments to shape my mind.

Silence and time then becomes subjective.

Only the pulse of my floating heartbeat.

My mind drifts from the sparkles of water.

I drowned my eyes to somewhere  beautiful.

Like a good song, it takes me away.
A splash to bring me back home.

I’m just a person and that’s all in this moment l will allow me to be.

My humanity, either it all be known or not yet discovered.

I will swim the universe to find it.

I will daydream into a world of my own existence.

So maybe I may submerge with a new beginning.




Art Culture

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Githro Espinosa
Art Culture

In an artistic saturated society, I personally also have gender conflicts in a masculine culture. In the most culturally diverse cities in the world, I wanted to understand the psychological varieties women in different walks of life have to encounter. How much gender roles and the perception of women overall is a reflection of the society and the female gender. Most importantly how much of their artistic work is a reflection of ourselves.

This topic interests me because I believe culture can be consumed as well as produced. The idea that art can be “materiel spiritualized’’ and how much in affect is done knowingly and subconsciously.  How much in effect is influenced by existing infrastructure and superstructure. The challenge is in understanding the norm by the bases of perception.

The art world in its many mediums and cross influences becomes a Vass amount of valuable sources. In depth are the influences and situations that are acceptable and glorified in certain degrees by what societies idealize. My assumptions are individuals shape their own sexist oppression and society gladly gives structure to it. MY goal is to contextualize the human experience on the artistic psyche when such expectations are put on an individual. Finally how will this effect work?

Looking forward to talking or working with independent artists from different variety of ages who have something to say. Particularly from art galleries to art conventions because it reguires group interactions.
If you are interested in the audio recorded interview please email me.
thank you!