gas mask :infrared

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Uncategorized


As a lifelong love and fascination to some, art is becoming more important and more social especially with the new social media.
Art is becoming praised internationally through the internet and now is more accessible.
Artistic inspiration is continuous and propelled with cross inspirations. When emotions and words were once remote and inaccessible, the mind has now had a collective tool that help the artist create something representative through their work.
Naturally with an artistically saturated society and rapidly changing field, the expectations change.
I believe any field that requires the creative process has sensitivity to our personal and mental health not typically seen in other fields
Had the changing times prove too much on the human psyche to some by unmanageable expectations that it has been discouraging some?  Drugs and alcohol has also become common alongside the art trends.
Also with all this said has the artistic mind adopted to this new inviroment?



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