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Checklist Voters

Posted: October 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Just as any effect is greater in mass, a positive effect is created when people vote and a negative effect follows in proportion. People feel that when they vote it’s satisfied after the act Is done. To vote and go on with your lives.The problem people usually stop there. Don’t stop there! Vote and what else?

Collectively this effect causes a negative effect that says “that’s enough.” It’s partly because people are so focused on one goal and the hype. You say voting is important but the sentence ends. What else can you do to further and continue that goal to better the world? It’s great you voted but to feel that’s enough Is absolutely collectively damaging and lazy. If voting itself can change everything, they’d make it illegal. You are telling yourself a lie that you are in control.Voting is not disagreeing or agreeing, it is thinking.

Voting is as bad as not voting if it’s just on your checklist.

Are you a checklist voter?