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I’m a artist who specialize in finding the poetry in artwork.

This can be consuming but has also given me fulfillment and purpose.

Everyday we talk to each other in languages that is an attempt by society to standardize thought and emotions.

The problem with written language is it sells us short. To standardizes the complexity of the mind and its emotions in words, is a constant work in progress. It’s difficult to scale human emotion and thought through words of equivalent expression.

Where language does no justice, poetry, music, and the expressive arts picks up with the human imagination. This is ultimately why the arts transcends all across generations and cultures.



Posted: December 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

In stillness shows a reflection; to a depth beyond its surface.

Immersed in rules that spare from thinking.

I tested the waters just to watch the ripples.

The view from here has no direction.

Triggered disruption sourced to create reason.

Clouded vibrations drift,

synchronized to a thousand imperfections.

Subtle like ripples fading, showing all its limitations.

From the center it reaches; touches before dissipating.

Like waves back to where they came from.

I come back to an expanse of Unplanned freedom.