The June Steingart Gallery

Posted: May 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

DSC_0002Hello Bloggers,
Thank you for all the support. The June Steinhart Gallery and the Local Artist located in Oakland appreciate your assistance in getting the word out there of the importance of advocating for Local Art.
I’ve been checking on the status of the Port of Oakland’s open bids.
I worry that an agency will win the bidding based on other incentives and not necessarily designed to provide an opportunity for the public to experience high quality art of enduring value that reflects the diversity of the region.
The selection will be made with the approval of the Board of Port Commissioners. I would like to encourage further support for our potential candidates for the exhibits here at the gallery. Please encourage our city officials as well of this importance by emailing or contacting them.
Please let the Board of Port Commissioners know how important it is to support our community by contacting them directly in the link provided below. Your voice will make all the difference.

Board of Commissioners

Earl S. Hamlin
Alan S. Yee
Vice President
Michael Colbruno
Second Vice President
Cestra “Ces” Butner
Andreas Cluver
Arabella Martinez
Joan H. Story




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