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I’ve been an employee in the Oakland Airport since 2012. I currently work for the airlines operations. For years I’ve wanted local artwork to be displayed at the terminals that is representative of its city and people. I got in contact with Port of Oakland and their Public Relations Division did get in contact with me. I was advised that the managing firm for years was the Oakland Museum of California and they took care of the art acquisition for the airport terminals and the concourse extensions. The Port of Oakland is working on a request for proposals for installations or exhibits of
artwork and artists.

The June Steingart Gallery Located in Laney College are campaigning to “fight for local art.”
We all live and work in this diverse culture and beautiful city that makes Oakland. The people would like to be heard and represented. The best way to tell the stories of the people, are through the eyes of our local artists because they represent the times. It’s more important than ever to preserve these stories told by artistry by implimenting them in our public spaces. In the process allowing our story to be told and acknowledged by the world. An authentic cultural experiences that makes perfect sense because being local, the art is representative of the area.

These outreach activities are designed to increase public awareness and understanding of the Port, its projects and the city of Oakland. We are also committed to helping our neighboring art communities reach their full potential,culturally, economically, and socially.

I’ve already talked with Pamela Johnson and Professor Stratford at the June Steinhart Gallery. Both are very interested and are all on board in working on the project.

The Gallery is looking for any artist in the San Francisco Oakland Bay Area who are inspired by the local areas they grew up in. Our hopes are to not just have an exhibit for local artwork here at the gallery but have an exhibit in the Oakland Airport.

Please send a quick bio of yourself.
If you are interested in submitting pieces for the exhibit, please contact us below.

contact info:

Githro Espinosa

Pamela Johnson

Dr. Leslee Stradford



I  need help collaborating with other passionate people who love art and feel as if the world needs a better place for us to come together. I refuse to accept that as an artist, I cannot make my love of art my main source of income. Please help me bring this idea to reality.

I am looking for:


This is a portion of my business plan.

Please contact me through:

Company Description

The social online network of bidding and leasing of artwork. Using algorithms and demographics that markets to public vendors of their respective niche; in the process creating a global archive for authenticity.

Our importance is in being the incubator for upcoming creative artists by providing a place for interations, innovation, reliable collaboration, and simplified contract protection otherwise required of a lawyer. Encouraging creativity and innovation that also supports a competitive living for creative artists.The goal is to develop a new market that also prevents the loss of value by enforcing transparency. To create a trusted brand association to every artwork by holding a level of recognition and quality. Where culture meets art and ultimately changing the urban setting.

To whom who are unsatisfied with their career and slowly wanting financial freedom to work on their own interests as an artist, vendor, or collector. Artists can conveniently sell work under particular restaurant or public areas. This will help market and advertise an artist name and work through a online archive. With an online presence and selling artwork direct to vendor, an artist can obtain more exposure and increase profits. By connectivity, artists can be commissioned personally or funded by multiple patrons for other installations or work.

Artists who are connected to a supportive community, local group or posses a broad line-up of well-known artwork, now have a competitive advantage over institutions like art galleries who have selective biases. Art prices no longer are pulled out of thin air. The artwork must be able to show prices that make sense, that they’re fair and justified with respect to certain art criteria such as the depth of the resume, the previous sales history and the particulars of the market where it sells.

There are a number of major players, but there are also countless niche artists and collectors that cater to specific demographics. The right theme is also essential; art trends change frequently like seasons, and our company helps to adapt to varying consumer tastes quickly by creating a connected and interactive community.The market is seasonal in terms of themes. Warehouses will stock up on artwork before consumers and vendors search the archive during periods of demand.In fast trends, vendors might turn to similar intercity or interstate produced artwork to supply demand.

The Internet is then an important platform for our warehouses and vendors, especially since consumers are increasingly Web-savvy and have access virtually anywhere. Therefore consumers want to quickly find information on the archive, demand for more authenticity from the art piece, and look for more artwork of relative interest.The business success depends on the skills, resources, the information of the artists, its vendors, art collectors and that information shared online. Checks and balances the company places to ensure for an honest art market.


Products and Services

In the late 19th Century, physician and art collector Giovanni Morelli developed a technique, which seeks to distinguish individual artists and workshops by idiosyncrasies or repeated stylistic details that arise in their works. Morelli recognized that an artist, upon reaching a level of proficiency, develops formulas in the creation of figures, which maintain consistency and are sustained throughout his life, even as his style evolves. Through close study of these repeated details, formulas are identified and mapped. This allows the company to readily identify evidence of the hand of a particular painter in a work like a detective matching fingerprints. The painting’s features are then matched with the unique formulas by which the painter is known.This technique came to be known as “Morellian Analysis,” and will be a widely used practice in the company for fine art attribution and authentication. Although Morellian Analysis is sometimes called a scientific technique, it relies to some degree on the experience of the analysis. That is why there is an importance of online crowdsourced cross examination for verification.

Provenance refers to the ownership history of a particular work of art. In today’s increasingly complex and evolving art world, provenance is a powerful means of supporting an authenticity claim. For provenance to serve the purpose of establishing that a work of art is authentic, it must contain the entire and uninterrupted chain of ownership from the artist’s hand to the present day. Every owner of the artwork and every day since its creation must be accounted for and documented. It is this complete record of where the artwork has been during its entire life. Completing this timeline is a very complicated task for one art buyer/consumer. Overseen by the public, its online resources and a set of checks with Morellian analysis, our company can produce a highly accurate assessment of a painting’s authenticity. With a detailed examination we can also determine the age, origin and materials of a work. Art buyers, collectors and now vendors and consumers are self assured but don’t need to dedicate too much energy or resources in order to set entry into the art market.


Product Choices

Artist names, in particular with a good reputation for quality, style or value will always be more in demand. Product offerings include the features, sizes, In addition to referring to the technique used (photography, sculpture, decorative arts, etc), the term medium can also refer to the substance or material the artistic work is made from (paint, paper, clay, etc. ).Form, genre and style are all ways of beginning to define a work of art, to further narrow it down.

An art form is the specific shape or quality an artistic expression takes, often influenced by the medium used. A genre is a set of conventions and styles within a particular medium – such as western, horror and romantic comedy films. The style of an artwork, artist, or movement is the distinctive method and form followed by the respective art. Often a style is linked with a particular historical period, set of ideas, and particular artistic movement, and a particular style may have specific cultural meanings. This pride of ownership of local artwork encourages social responsibility and a diverse art community.

A vendor’s sales-per-square-foot is an important metric that the company measures to efficiently utilize a vendors wall space and product choices.These sales and interactions do not entail expensive storefronts by utilizing the wall space already available or accessible.One-size-fits-all nature involves lower costs for smaller canvases than do large canvases. As large canvases can be selective to accommodate and are associated as a premium to display. An attractive sell to clientele that requires a different specialized lobby atmosphere. An Art Enthusiast
will have a constantly accommodating online resource for the ever evolving art world.



The company must deliver the appropriate messages to get the public interest and prompt to purchase, display, bid or rent products within the year. As the art becomes the conversation, vendors become the companies advertisement for brand recognition. Not all our customers are individual consumers. Businesses are also customers that purchase various services and products. Business owners and managers read different types of publications aside from the consumers.Either it be online(public) or through subscription. Our company must also have the types of publications our target market reads on top of continually updating our archives for businesses. An online presence may create exposure but a website that is easy for consumers and vendors to navigate, order/rent/bid  is also important for the commercial success of the company. Business owners are the company’s vendors. Vendor applicants are taken online. Our vendors are the biggest promoters for the company.



Distributed locally as a priority which benefits the local art community. Although foreign artists bring more competition to the sector, Artists in the Industry can be specialized in order to help create product differentiation in the secondary market.
Importance in signing the back of the frame of all the immediate people that commissioned the work; family name, agency, and group for authenticity. This adds a layer of interest in content through history as well a form of verification through online sources.

The Company must know how to correctly identify key customers and locations to be successful online. Some vendors may want higher-quality products. Others may be more price-sensitive. The Market needs to determine acceptable price ranges for vendors who are price sensitive. Based on customer demographics and looking into the past views or transactions, an algorithm predicts easily the buyers interests.

A higher art to vendor association compliments theme/branding and leads to an increase customer base. Where customers have a positive atmosphere experiences, there are likely more interaction and transactions. Restaurants or vendors grow an investment to the artwork and branding, often attracting more connected customers.Therefore publicly only in the hands of vendors or public galleries. The prestige of ownership among vendors increases especially for high profile artwork.
Restaurants focusing on a lunch crowd located in or around a financial district, may choose a more cultural genre as it ties to the area as a cultural hub. Focusing efforts in specific art hubs by giving high credit incentives.The goal is to display artwork of social and cultural significance. The key to profit is to create a value for art by encouraging public interactions.



  • Customer Art exposure may increase sales and profits.
  • Online profile creates artist interactions within their community.
  • Creates an exposure for the artist or artwork.
  • Highlights the local art community.
  • The publics interests and demands gives an idea for market pricing.
  • Artist to local vendor drop off creates for a more personalized connection with the artwork.
  • The company’s public exposure of artwork and its validation methods creates for a brand of authenticity for the industry.
  • Encouraging for a following or patrons to do online charitable donations to specialized artists.
  • Privately owned art pieces can now be put in the market and get a true market value.
  • Encourages patrons or app users to do an audio commentary or a audio representation of displayed artwork.
    a.To ensure audio commentary is more likely to be a positive note or of constructive criticisms, allow patrons to leave audio commentary only after donating.
    b.For every time a user donates, the user is able to leave an audio commentary.
    c.For any unused audio comments, he/she is able to accumulate the amount unused.
  • Our companies personal networking integrates all parties interests, simplifies contract law, commercial codes, licensing, terms and conditions.
  • Investing in personnel in the creative arts industry, along with different layers of support like community recognition, to help build a strong and supportive industry.
  • The leased artwork gives a feeling of shared personal ownership within the community for the success and healthy diversity of the local artists and businesses.


Unlike artists from previous generations, artists today are more in danger of:

  • Intellectual property infringement, violating an owner’s exclusive rights to intangible assets such as musical, literary, or artistic works
  • Copyright infringement, the use of works under copyright, including reproducing, distributing, displaying, or performing the copyrighted work without permission
  • Patent infringement, using or selling a patented invention without permission from the patent holder, typically for commercial purposes
  • Trademark infringement, a violation of the exclusive rights attaching to a trademark without the authorization of the trademark owner or licensees
  • Very selective art institutions
  • Very little incentives or patrons to support your work


Some of the reasons to officially register artwork through the website:

  • Registration creates a public record of your copyright and ownership (more proof in court)
  • Registration is the first step required before you can sue someone for infringement
  • Registration often increases the amount you can sue for


Other reasons to register:

  • You’ve created something especially valuable like self branding.
  • You plan on selling the copyright or license of your art to someone else with legal assistance
  • Artists have access to not just retail profiles but also company profiles who want to purchase artwork as instillations, and other collaborations – without giving up control of your rights.
  • Online profile allows for crowd sourced patronages


For all photos:


We all fear it, we hope for it to be quick, it be peaceful and of time. Fear of dying goes deeper than death itself. We fear of being forgotten as our children move on. We fear of not achieving our goals before it becomes unreachable. We find ourselves chasing a life ever faster to obtain a lifetime in a matter of years. Fear is what moves us to work harder and archive more but also makes us second guess our choices.  The journey and how you deal with life right now reflects you. Your journey is your very own. Our time to make connections, love more and freely. To hold and value our family and close friends. Take chances and open up to people. The only thing you should fear is not being remembered.

Let us hope enough people will care to show up to our funeral, cry when they think of us or let alone care as much to mention our name. Don’t find yourself sitting alone when life is taken from you, compiling hurtful memories of each room in your empty house, waiting for someone to finally call your name. Your last thought should not be any regrets if you lived life to the fullest.

When you die and it will happen, It should be the happiest moment of your life. When you look into someones dying eyes, it should be left with no unwritten pages. Only A sense of fulfillment. No fear, no regret, and not alone.

Just surrounded by happiness.

I strongly believe that the people who truly look at death this way are the same people who collectively change the world everyday.


Tired of staring at the chalk board?Lets get out the class room and go for a field trip. I don’t know about you but I’m more of a hands on learner. Lets get out there and experience the world first hand.

This photo shoot was a joy! I had fun with the idea of doing this shoot as it was more about the story than the process. I had bought the colored chalk and lollipop from Walgreen’s. I always wanted to do a cute and colorful shoot and a cute kid is universal. It of course will always have its complications when working with toddlers or babies. They are more into their own world so taking directions was out the window but catching a moment was most important. If I could even have a moment to catch it! As I frantically chased or followed him to try to get him to stand still, I had just enough time to get a few shots in per attempt. He had his first experience with paparazzi! A net to catch him would have been needed.The scene of me and this child running around everywhere was a sure head turner. I’m sure we caused for some confusion. I looked ridiculous!!!It was all in good game as long as he had fun and I had that conveyed through the photograph. It’s kind of hard not to smile when you have a giant lollipop in your hand.



This was a side project I did for a client. I wanted to help and I liked the business idea so I put together a business card to match. I had to touch up on key points so I made sure to ask the right questions. Being in the same entrepreneur spirit, I fixed my questions as if they were questions that I would ask myself. To make the best quality business card I had to fully understand what it is they are selling and what sets them apart.

Kalamay, also spelled Calamay, is a sticky sweet delicacy that is popular in many regions of the Philippines. It is made of coconut milk, brown sugar, and ground rice. The Filipino treat is usually wrapped and tied in banana leaf. That same wrap was what I used in the shoot. The leaf was very sticky and needed a spray down. The water incorporated a heavy and wet feel to the photograph. I was glad because it only added to the natural look of the image itself. I wanted to add some dimensions to the photo so I ripped strips from the leaf which was surprisingly easy. The weaving design was inspired by the construction blue print of which the Petronas Towers in Malaysia was designed on. The pattern also reminded me of Weaving done in authentic villages.

All in all it came out to become what I was going for and also perfectly represent my clients. Everyone is happy.


The construction location is usually vacant the whole day as most of the work is mostly done at night. There is many joggers and pedestrians passing by. The theme reminds me of bob the builder except that it’s Izzy. 🙂

It felt like a ride in a theme park. Or if you added coins to it, it would start moving. I can imagine it now, a giant moving coin machine bulldozer. yup, “all in a day!”