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Transparent eggs in a jar:
I wanted to try out an old science project that I never had the chance to do and long forgotten about. The cool effects of eggs submerged in vinegar for long periods causes the shell which consists of calcium carbonate to become co2 gas in the form of small bubbles. Eventually turning the outside layer of the egg transparent. Now the only thing between the yoke is a membrane. Food now a days grows on a system or “negatively” modified, this represents what kind of relationship we have with our food source. We don’t have one. Have you ever stopped to notice why the ingredient list is so long, when we eat pork or beef its not called pig or cow? But chicken is called chicken? Next time when i order something ill call it by what it was. Ask where it came from, how far and how was it treated. It might come with a lifted eye-brow but at least I’m slowly getting rid of a stigma society put on itself.