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It’s been a long time coming. This collection took time and a lot of effort to put together. I just want to apologize to  all my friends who thought I was too buzy for them. I want to thank everyone who believed in this brand and what it will become. This is just a snap shot of the spread that will be featured on our Facebook fan page. I will post up a link once the online store is ready as well.

Look for us in Los Angeles and New York in the future for the summer collection.




One of my beloved countries. I envy them for their scientific and technological advances. Setting themselves apart as a country that takes the best of the world, sometimes the extreme, with a sense of collective progress. A culture that always had a strong identity from the start. My vision of this island nation as being unreal or an oasis for geeks and fan boys all alike. Then becoming all too real when a natural disaster hits the country and a domino of others. This is where a lot of brilliant work comes from. To make sure that it keeps going strong and flowing, we owe them that much to at least pay our respects. This is my small way to make sure that the country continues to live, strive, and continue on doing its thing.



My love is dying along with the happiness you once gave.
My heart beat irregular ever since you left.
You sentenced me to a slow death.
I keep alive enough to get by.
Contemplating events.
Revisiting old memories.
Evaluating my emotions.

Sorting through questions, I realize the end approaching.
There is only one reason someone leaves you.
They no longer want you.

My body temperature lowers by a degree.
Hope and all I could’ve done engulfs my thoughts.
Breathing is now more labored.
I tell myself no more!

Unresponsive to everyone and my surroundings.
My body feens for you.
I withdraw from it all.
I search for a pulse.

Just tell me you never loved me!
Cut my suffering short.

With Heart break and all its pain,
eventually the heart will cease beating altogether.

Only then i can finally call you my Dead Valentine…



An individual who has gone mad:

Someone of ambition, driven, unique, passionate and most talented of people.

For the reason being from birth the world had set us up for a challenge. Told we were different, weird, extreme, crazy and doubted from the start . So from the beginning we had to roll up our sleeves and go right to work. Always struggling to find ourselves. Life tested everyday and we tested back. The world set us to fail and we said we can make a place for ourselves.

Those who have mad skills. Who are mad talented. know they are mad beautiful but had a hard time getting there. This is for us.

Of all things and projects alike, this resembled the most of what my brand is to me, very symbolic of things to come. To open the creative spirit, continue experimenting with different ideas with causes, test what we are capable of, as well as opening an endless potential of innovation.

The apple that fell and hit Isaac Newton’s head. To the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

This photograph speaks to me in many levels!



Fear comes in various forms of self-expression.

Never censored. Always provoking. Leaving an impression.

You paint a story to directly enact desire in oneself. An attempt to influence opinion or take up preventive or direct action. To achieve a particular objective, and involve the use of pressure. Fear is your persuasion. Sometimes the answer.

Depending how you interpetate. You may hide, run or fall. The colors make sense of it all.

Encouraged when you are blue, in need of gold, or times of gray.

One characteristic over another. Creating a very unique but sometimes dark color.

A visual expression of objection, by words, to particular events, and situations. As like graffiti that can take many different forms so does your fears and so does your actions.

Never just black and white, your individual mark and story. Deep inside our very soul making their own opinions.
From your ancestors before you. Heard like shouts. Your thoughts are “out and about.”

There like spray painted on that wall, says a statement. “like you, your words won’t fall.”

Don’t seek out for safety. Step back. See, to be mesmerized it is you chasing colors on that wall.

I’m the artist to this canvas.

This is what makes us who we are.

My thoughts used to be vivid.

Disappear into the dark.

I’m left with fear.

Don’t look back.

Act like if I was never here.