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“I’m not just sitting pretty.”Nothing is hotter than a girl with aspirations and an appreciation for more than herself. For all the women out there who take life in their own hands, this is my take into their lenses.

The photo shoot looks like if it is on the sand right on the beach but is nothing but that. The location of the shoot is on top of a cement block hanging over a pier. No beach or sand to be seen anywhere! Not noticeable in  the background is the bay and San Francisco area. The camera is a vintage style minolta XG-A with AUTO 126 flash on top and KALIMAR 62-mm lens.

On Photoshop I applied Lomo camera effect, made some changes on keystone distortion, darkened and added contrast.

The second image is located on Alameda Point Naval Air Base that has been vacant with the exception of a few facilities. A Large empty lot that’s been used throughout the years by tv shows, movies, and music videos for its large useable space. So why not a photo shoot?